If you didn’t know already, I’m off to Wales today. Lets be honest you probably do know as I haven’t shut up about it. We’re going down to Clarach Bay, Just by Aberystwyth which is around 2 1/2 hours away from where I live. Me and Danny have been there once before, It was our very first holiday together when we were 16, So we are super excited to get down there and reminisce. We’ve even googled the top 100 music charts of that time to listen to on the way down. If you see a VW beetle driving down the road with Rizzle Kicks – Mama Do The Hump blasting, Then yep that’s me.  The weather wasn’t looking great when I looked a week ago but yesterday when I looked it’s looking pretty good with only a few days that are abit cloudy, Which isn’t too bad considering its wales. I am going to be trying  to get posts up as usual, Although I’m not sure whether we will have any internet so I might end up on top of a hill somewhere in the rain holding my phone up to the sky begging it to post, But all fingers are crossed that it won’t have to happen. Any way, I will be posting daily stuff on instagram (@melia_may In case you’re not following) ;). See ya soon!



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