I Went Back To NYX Again….


I just can’t seem to keep away. We went on a last-minute holiday shop yesterday as we needed to pick up a few essentials. All the boring stuff basically like shampoo and mouthwash. So As I was walking though boots the NYX counter caught my eye and the rest is a blur. I did pick up a few other bits aswell so without further a do….


I wanted to pick up some nails before I went on holiday but I wanted them to already be painted, I couldn’t be doing with faffing around painting them before holiday. As I wasn’t looking, I noticed these Elegant Touch Rosie Bea Nails. I’ve never actually heard of her before but I’m definitely going to look her up. she did a few different gorgeous designs. There were some with a tropical pattern on and some others that wear baby pink with rose gold detail on. They were all so lovely I didn’t know which ones to pick. I ended up going for the plainer option. Me all over. The colour is called Truffle and It’s a lovely grey toned nude Can’t wait to put them on.


This is something I have always wanted to try from NYX. It’s the Pore Filler in  01. Unfortunately I have skin where you can see every tiny imperfection and ore so I picked this up in the hope that it will disguise them. Fingers crossed, I’ll let you know how it goes.

IMG_1311 (1).jpg

Lip oils seem to be a big thing at the moment with drugstore brand trying to follow in the foot steps of brands like Clarins. I’ve always wanted to try the clarins lip oil but they are very expensive. I noticed that Barry M have just realised these new lip oils. I picked up the Coco Loca one as it’s clear and smells amazing. They also do a Berry one which I’d also like to pick up and try if all goes well with this one. It’s nice to see brands coming out with a more affordable option.

IMG_1313 (2).jpg

These where abit of an impulse buy. I haven’t heard anyone mention these, Ever. But I wanted to give them a try as when I swatched them in store and they seem really creamy and super bendable. I like to use these eye crayons for work as they are quick and easy to apply when you’re in a rush. i picked up the colour Yogurt 611 and Rust 619. High hopes for these!

IMG_1314 (1).jpg

Again I had to pick up my absolute favourite moisturiser. The boots own Tea Tree and Witch Hazel With Berry Jelly Moisturiser. It feels so fresh in morning and my skins seems to love it. Unfortunately there is no comprise with my skin. My skin wears the trousers in our relationship. It was also buy one get one free so can’t complain, I love a bargain!



6 thoughts on “I Went Back To NYX Again….

  1. the jumbo eye pencils are one of my favourite products ever! the colour french fries is so beautiful, and theres a couple of matte colours that work great in the water line too! xx


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