A New Project…






So a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that me and my boyfriend we’re just starting a new little project. After a few weeks of sorting stuff out and getting everything ready, We are ready to reveal. Now I understand this might not appeal to some of my readers on here, Although if you like extreme sports, or have a dad, mum, brother, grandmother or erm..dog? that does then it will be right up your street. We have decided to start an extreme sports business. Now my boyfriend has been doing motocross since he can remember and I have been going with him for around 6 years now. Although I love my contouring and eyeshadow blending lots, I  am also a big lover of extreme sports and cars, So it seemed quite fitting for us to base our business around this. We are going to be creating printed t-shirts and merch for all lovers of extreme sports and we are also going to be doing some custom helmet stickers. We don’t really know how its going to go or what to expect but at the moment, We are just loving creating new designs and being creative. I’m going to keep it short and sweet and link all out social media links down below if you want to check us out, I will love you all forever.









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