Summer Wardrobe Essentials

I’m back with another Summer themed blog post even though its torrential rain outside, I’m just going to ignore it and pretend I’m in spain or something, that seems a lot better. Right, So my fingers are crossed that the sun comes out in the next few weeks so I can whip out my summer essentials. when It comes to fashion I’m pretty simple, I like to keep a few essentials in my wardrobe that are simple and easy to throw on in summer.


Everyone needs a good pair of sandals. I’ve recently picked up these sandals from asos and I absolutely love them! They have tan, Grey and black tassels on and silver buckles on the side. I love the way they look when they’re on and they are super comfy aswell. I think these would look great with a pair of shorts or dress!


So this is probably a given, I’m sure everyone has a pair of shorts as a summer essential. But they are so easy to shove on when its hot, Effortless but fashionable. I like the word ‘Effortless’.  I actually made these shorts myself as I found a pair of vintage jeans in a local charity shop for about £2 so I cut ‘um up into shorts and They turned out really nice. I love how high wasted they are, it’s makes them quite flattering and I love how the hem has naturally frayed.



Now even though It’s summer, I’m in england, and we always end up having cooler days, And torrential rain days, of course. But for those cooler days, I always like to have a cardigan handy to put over my shoulders. I got this one of boohoo last summer and It’s perfect for when the summer nights get a little cooler. It hangs so nicely with abit of a boho style too it which is right up my street.


Something I also love for summer is stretchy trousers. Not necessarily to wear out, But to wear indoors or of a night-time. They are super comfy and baggy so not clingy on the legs when its hot. you can wear them low-rise or high-rise with a crop top and sandals and you’re ready to go. You could also wear them with a plain cami top and heels if you we’re going out…Oo outfit idea!




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