Jouer Mermaid Collection Long Wear Lip Creme | REVIEW



The one summer collection release I have been looking forward too the most is the Jouer Mermaid collection. Full of blues, greens, silvers and pinks. What could be any better? I have seen it plastered all over instagram with swatches and makeup looks so of course I couldnt wait to get my hands on something from the collection. I was browsing Cult Beautys website as you do, And noticed it had been released. I didn’t even know, But what I did know was that I was definitely buying something. I was actually really good and only ended up getting one product. *pats myself on the back*. I chose the metallic Matte Liquid lip creme In Daiquiri. The metallic lip is the lip look of 2016 and I had try one out for myself. Now most of the colours in the collection are quite bright and ‘out there colours’, So this seemed like a good option for me. When it first arrived I was a little surprised as the size as it was quite small. I’m not sure why but I was expecting a normal lip gloss sized tube but I’d say its a little big bigger than a MAC Lipstick. Quite a good size for throwing in your bag! As with all of Jouers products, they are designed to fit together, so there is a little grove in each one so you can connect them together to create your own little on the go palette. I just thought that was a nice little touch. Anyway more about the lipstick…It’s a beautiful bright coral with little flecks of gold in there. It’s super metallic and looks even better on the lips then it does in the tube. It add’s something a little different to a your bog standard coral lip colour. One thing that I absolutely love about this lip colour is that it smells like cake. who doesn’t like the smell of cake? Hmm I want some cake now.

The lasting power of this lip creme is insane! I could eat a full meal (or slice of cake) and it would be good to go after and still look flawless. When I first swatched this I couldn’t get it off my hand without abit of scrubbing so not only does it look good, It lasts amazingly too. I have a feeling I’m going to be wearing this all summer long. I picked it up from cult beauty for £14, not too cheap but then again not too expensive compared to most! It is limited edition so if you want your hands on it, You’ll have to be quick.



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