Summer Essentials


Well the weather was kinda inspiring me with this blog post but as I’m writing this it’s absolutely chucking it down and there’s a thunder-storm. Brilliant. But I’m going to write it anyway in the hope that it gets back to being 25c sometime soon! So when the weather picks up and we get the two weeks of summer in the UK, I have a few essentials the help me through. I’ll admit nail varnish and lipstick aren’t necessarily essentials, But oh well, I’d class them as Necessities..

So my first essential is something very important. SPF. Everyone needs it though-out the year so this isn’t just a summer essential although it is definitely needed more in the summer! I use the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid SPF 50+. It’s prefect for my oily skin as it is super lightweight and sinks in instantly without being greasy. I was actually given 2 samples of this and I still haven’t run out so once I do I will definitely be getting a bigger size! I’d like to try the kiehls SPF aswell although its £50 and this one is only £16.50, So a super affordable SPF! Along with protecting the face, I like to protect the lips else they become really dry in the summer. I like to use the Nivea Hydra Care SPF 15. It’s moisturising and has spf. Win Win!

Next up is a good bronzer. I love going a tad over board with bronzer in the summer, Ok I like to go alot over board with bronzer. I’ve recently been using the Urban decay Beached Bronzer and I have to save I’m loving it! It quite an orange toned bronzer but when I’ve got a tan I dust this stuff all over my face and It adds a subtle bonzed glow to my skin. Love this stuff.

Now one of my favourite colours in summer is orange. It just looks so good with a tan. When It comes to painting my nails I opt for an orange toned nail colour and my favourite has to be Chanel Holiday. I’m not sure if you can get this anymore so I apologise but I had to include it because I don’t wear anything else in summer. I’ve had this for ages so I’m surprised it hasn’t got all gloopy but I’m glad it hasn’t because I don’t know what I’d do!

Another favourite colour for summer is coral. My lipstick choice for summer is the Gerrard Cosmetics Tequila Sunrise. This is a super bright coral and looks amazing with a tan! I’d describe it as summer in a tube. I don’t normally go for bright colours, I’m more of a browny/nude kinda gal, But This one has changed my views completely. It’s especially good for summer because it’s a matte formula so you don’t have to worry about it going coming off during the heat.

Last up is something that is a bit of a given during the summer…A good pair of sunnies! I’ve recently picked up some new ones, You might of seem the featured in my may favourite, They are the Quay Cat-eye glasses and they are incredible. I love them so much its bit unhealthy I think. I find my self praying that its sunny so I can wear them, Oh man I am sad.

So that’s the end of my summer essentials and the thunder has actually stopped so hopefully the good weather can return! Bring on the sun!










8 thoughts on “Summer Essentials

  1. I’ve been eyeing that La Roche Posay SPF stuff for a while now but I wasn’t sure how good it was under make up, what do you think? I have really oily skin too.


    1. I love it! It’s been good on my oily skin so far, it dries quite quickly which i like because it doesnt make your face all greasy like some spfs! Its super lightweight aswell, its not like a thick rich cream like most. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah it’s quite hard to find a good one for oily skin actually. Will definitely need to give it a try then, thanks! 😀


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