My Favourite Eye Shadow Brushes


My favourite part of applying make up is eyeshadow And you must have a good set of tools to do so. I have tried a few eyeshadow brushes over time and I have narrowed it down to my 5 favourites that I use all the time.


I’ll start with my zoeva brushes. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Zoeva before. The affordable, good quality brush brand that pretty much every beauty blogger in the world loves. I have had these too brushes for a while now, I think they were actually my first eyeshadow brushes…I used to just us the ones that came with the little makeup palettes from boots. I know I should be ashamed. I’ll start with the 227 Soft Definer brush. I use this brush for applying my transition colour in the crease. It is super soft, As like all of the Zoeva brush’s and It doesn’t apply too much product. It’s quite flat and has an oval head so fits in the crease perfectly. This is the brush I use for every single eye look. Cannot live with out it.


Another brush from zoeva and another one I cannot live without it, It’s the 225 eye blender. Now despite the name, I don’t use this brush for blending. i use it to apply darker shades into the outer corner of my eye and in the crease. It packs on the colour amazingly whilst also blending at the same time. So even for me, Who struggles to blend eyeshadow, Gets a fairly decent result. hands up if you’re crap at applying eyeshadow like me, WOO!


The next to brushes I received with palettes. I know, Shock, you can actually find good brushes that come with a palettes, Who’d of thought it! The first on I got once with the Urban decay Naked Smokey Palette and It’s just as awesome as the palette. It’s double ended so perfect for travelling. On the one end you’ve got a very small smudge brush which I used for applying eyeshadow along the bottom lash line, And on the other end you’ve got a blending brush. I’ll be honest, I don’t use that end as much as I have other blending brushes that I like more, although like I said, It’s perfect for traveling because you don’t have to take loads of different brushes with you.


Next up is another double ended brush from Tarte which I got with my In Bloom Palette. This brush Is so good! On one end you’ve got a smaller, Flatter crease brush and on the other you’ve got a blending brush. I love this blending brush. It blends so well and makes any eyeshadow look look flawless. Much love for this brush!


Last up is the Look Good Feel Better Angled Blending Brush. This brush is hands down my favourite blending brush. It adds the perfect finishing touch to any eye look. As it is angled it fits just above the crease and the brow bone perfectly and is so incredibly soft, I could just keep brushing this all over my eyelid all day. But that would be able little weird…Wouldn’t it?





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