My Tanning Routine


So after the winter passes and we all start emerging from our comfy, cosy and warm beds into the sunshine, It’s time to get the pins out. Now here in the UK we only get a few weeks of good weather and then it’s back into jeans again so I like to make the most of the weather by wearing all my summer clothes. As my pins had been hibernation in a jean shaped hole for winter, they we’re pretty pale when they emerged, So I like to use a few products to make them look healthy and sun-kissed ready for summer!



I start off by using my Frank Body Coffee scrub to get rid of any dry skin as that will affect how my tan looks. I love this scrub so much, It smells like jafa cakes for a start so that’s definitely a winner in my books but It also does an amazing job of, Well…Scrubbing.


My tan of choice is oldie but a goodie. It’s the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Natual bronzer Body Lotion. People will probably know this from back in the day as I think everyone used to use it. I still do because I hate using mousses and liquid fake tans as they always go streaky. But this one is right up my street. It’s nice and simple. All you have to do Is rub in like a body lotion and the next day you wake up with lovely bronzer skin. It smells like cocoa butter and not too much of a horrible fake tan smell. What I like most about this gradual fake tan is that it is so moisturising so it kills two birds with one stone.


Next is the face. I always fake tan my face as I’m quite pale you’d really be able to tell if I did my body and not my face. I picked this James Read Sleep Mask Tan from TKMAX around a year ago and I absolutely love it! I put this on just after tanning before bed and leave it on until the next morning and by then it’s completely sunken in and Leaves my face with a little golden glow. Nothing too overpowering. You can build it up if you want a darker tan but I normally do one coat and that’s perfect. two things to watch out for…Wash your hands after applying else you’ll wake up with orange hands like I did the first time i used it, Much to my colleauges amusement. Also the pump is super annoying. It’s very springy so when you press down, It just shoots out so be careful. But apart from that It does an excellent job of keeping my face golden and glowing!


Now the last product it something I’ve been using recently under my foundation when I have a tan. I did start off using the product as a bronzer just on my forehead and cheekbones although I’ve starting using it all over my face as it is quite subtle and It looks lovely. It adds such a nice golden glow that isn’t orange or muddy looking, It’s just the right colour. I use a beauty blender and tap it all over my face lightly and Then apply foundation so I never need to buy a different coloured foundation for when I have a tan.

Lets hope the weather stays sunny for longer this year, Or at least until after my holiday…fingers crossed.



4 thoughts on “My Tanning Routine

  1. How “natural” would you say this color gets to? I’m trying for a bronze-y glow that doesn’t streak the minute I get wet! haha Right now I’ve been using the Jergen’s Natural Glow because its the most “natural-looking” thing I can find, but it isn’t quite as pigmented as I’d like. Sometimes natural ends up just looking like I didn’t even tan. haha


    1. It all depends on how many times you apply, I find one layer is fine for me and its not orange at all, it really gives you a lovely sun kissed look and you can definitely tell you’ve tanned, but if you do want a more darker tan, its really buildable without going orange or patchy x

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