Another Matte Foundation…


So if you’ve read yesterdays May’s Favourites post, You’ll have seen this is there.  Bit of back story first, I’ll try to keep it short and sweet but I am bit of a rambler sometimes. I had seen a lot of america beauty bloggers and YouTube’s rave on and on about maybelines FIT Me Matte and Poreless. We had the normal FIT me foundation over here in the UK  but never the matte and poreless foundation. I’ve always wanted to try it as it seemed like the prefect foundation.. It’s matte, It minimises pores and it high coverage whilst being lightweight. Whats not too love? nothing, that’s what! It’s completely lived up to expectations.

We will start with the consistency. As soon as I got home I put a little onto the back of my hand and was completely surprised. I was expecting quite a think, heavy consistency due to most matte foundations being that way, But to my surprise it was quite watery and thin. Not that I’m complaining, I personally like that texture as It’s usually easier to blend and also feels light weight on the skin. That’s exactly how this foundation feels. It feels so nice on your skin. It dries quite quickly I find so you’ve got to work quickly but once it does dry you can’t feel it on your skin and it doesn’t come of on clothes.

This foundation is medium to full coverage so if you like sheer foundations you probably won’t like this. However, I happen to prefer high coverage foundations because I have quite a lot of redness on my nose and a few blemishes so this is perfect for covering them. I apply a thin layer with my Real Techniques buffing brush and that’s usually all I need unless I’m having a bad skin day then I’d apply a second layer. It doesn’t go cakey after the second layer and it still looks seamless.

Now I know the one thing you all want to know…Does is stay matte? Well on me, yes, And I have super oily skin so it’s pretty good going. I do use powder to set it but that keeps me matte all day though-out work. This is definitely one of my favourite foundations and it was definitely worth the wait.

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