My Favourite Spring/Summer Foundation


In spring/summer I prefer to keep is simple. I like my foundation nice and lightweight. Who wants to be caked in foundation when it’s about 25c? I’m joking, We’re lucky if we get 15c in the UK. But still it’s not nice to be caked in high coverage foundation when the weather is hot. Even if it does look flawless. So around this time I drag out my sheer coverage foundations from storage and wipe away the dust. This foundation from Benefit is one that I reach for all the time in spring/summer. Its called The Big Easy Multi-Balancing complexion Perfector and you can pick it up for around £28. Not cheap but definitely worth it! It’s perfect for the oily gals of the world as the formula is Matte, and if you know me then you know how i feel about my matte formula’s. Give me all the mattes! oo, and it’s oil free which is something I always look out for

It’s a cream to powder formula so perfect for the warmer weather, It also has spf 35 which is incredibly good for a foundation. If your like me and forget to apply SPF then this foundation is perfect for you. I apply with fingers as I personally feel that works best for me, I do tend to apply a little more concealer for blemishes and redness as it is very sheer but I don’t mind in the summer as I like to keep if fresh, so I don’t mind my skin not looking as flawless as possible. (never does but still). My shade is Light to Medium, And I am normally ‘Ivory’ In my foundations. On down side, They don’t have a brilliant shade range so I’d recommend going to your local Benefit counter to guarantee the right colour for you. Overall though, Absolutely love this foundation and it’s defiantly one of my summer staples.





3 thoughts on “My Favourite Spring/Summer Foundation

  1. I just changed my foundation situation too now that it is getting warmer! Great suggestion!
    I saw you were one of my blog followers (which I appreciate SO MUCH) and I just wanted to let you know I moved to a new blog place: And it would mean so much to me if you followed me there!


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