Boohoo Haul With A Sprinkle Of Shop Dixi

As the summer is nearly upon us and I am going on holiday in 4weeks, I made a list of all the things I needed to complete my summer wardrobe. I somehow found my self on the boohoo website the other night and couldn’t resist a few items, they have some brilliant summer pieces this year! I love boohoo as you can get some staple pieces but for such brilliant prices, Everyone loves a bargain!  I have still got a few things to pick up before my holiday like a bikini and some nice sandles, But clothes wise, I’m pretty happy… Here are a few things I picked up. (Excuse the pictures, I will do a summer look book soon so you can see them on, But I gotta make do with what I’ve got at the moment!)


I love this dress! It’s floaty, summery and light. Perfect for the hot weather! It’s got abit of a boho feel to it which I’m really digging for this summer. I’d say it’s around thigh length so not too short or not too long, Just in the middle. I was abit worried it was going to be see-though as its white, but its got another layer of material underneath so that that’s a relief! Didn’t want to be flashing any one my arse. I love the details also, Its got crochet around the  neckline and around the sleeve, Which again adds a boho feel too it. I think it would look lovely with a brown cross body bag and some brown lacey candles. I also picked up this belt to go round it. I wasn’t sure if it would go but it surprisingly looks really good! I think this belt would also look good with some mom jeans or high-waisted shorts!



The next item is probably my favourite! I’ve been after a maxi skirt for a long time but every one i had tried on just didn’t look right, They we’re either too baggy or too tight, No in the middle, But this one has changed everything! it high-waisted, Which means it’s already in my good books because i love anything that is highwaisted and it also has a slit down the side, exposing a little bit of leg. It quite tight at the top but then nearer the bottom it’s quite floaty and airy. I absolutely love it!


This piece is something I’ve wanted for a while but never seen to find online. A Crochet crop top with an altar neck and tie back. It’s a lovely cream colour and it’s again, Very boho-esque. But it is gorgeous isn’t it? I know the picture doesn’t really do it justice but I couldn’t get a good picture of it on! I was abit worried about it though as I thought there would be a major side boob situation but fortunately there isn’t! I can’t wait to wear this in summer!


Now this isn’t from boohoo but i had to include it! Its shop dixi’s Mandala Dreams necklace and its frickin’ gorgeous! It’s really good quality and doesn’t feel cheap like most jewelry nowadays! What I like most is that you can wear it as a choker or a normal necklace, What ever takes your fancy really!




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