Getting Lost In a Forest…



As it was a weekend off Motocross, We decided to make the most of it and go to the local Wyre Forest Centre and explore a little. They have a few different trails you can follow but we didn’t really stick to any of them, we just winged it. The weather was sunny, Kinda. So it was a perfect day for a little stroll, Which turned into a 7mile Hike but more on that later….



We decided it would be a good opportunity to take the camera’s out with us and see if we could get some good shots. I’ll be honest it was just tree after tree after tree so there wasn’t too many exciting shots although we did get a few….



Don’t know what I was doing looking into a muddy puddle…Must of seen a bug or something…


As anybody who loves photography will know, It takes about 2 hours to walk 10 meters because your constantly trying to get pictures of everything possible. So try walking 7 miles! It took us ages!  Danny has recently brought some new lens’ for his iPhone. One of them is a macro lens and he’s obsessed with trying to get pictures of things up close… I’ll admit though, They do look good so it was worth him nearly falling into an ant’s nest to get them.


Now the Wyre Forest Trails go across 6’509 acres so you could say its a pretty big place, its got streams, wildlife and trees, Lots of trees. don’t get me wrong I love trees, but as there are so many there, It always looks the same. So as you can imagine we got pretty lost. We didn’t follow the correct trails that we’re set out or signs, we winged it. Below is my ‘i’m lost’ face.


Danny thought it would be rather funny if he kept referring to the film ‘Wrong turn’, If you haven’t seen it, Don’t. You won’t look a forests the same way again. And to top its all off, The heavens opened and the paths became muddy. Excellent..

The clouds soon passed and we had some sunshine again and we finally got back to civilisation. The sound of people though the tree’s and the sight of a normal foot path was a relief to me I’ve got to say. I did want to kiss the path but I think that would have been a tad too far… but as you can imagine we we’re both pleased to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It was so nice to do something different for a change. Nothing better than getting a little fresh air (or in our case a lot) when you’ve been sat in an office all week! Although little advice, Always follow the correct directions.




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