An Oily Skins Bestfriend…


This is a fairly recent purchase of mine, Although I can tell its going to be a long time favourite. I wasn’t really after a new moisturiser but I couldn’t help myself with this one. The main reason I picked it up was because of its lid. It’s not your typical squirty tube or little pot that most moisturisers come in. Its in a small tub, To get the product out your simply push down on the top and it comes out of the little hole in the middle. much like the Kate Somerville Goats Milk Moisturiser. I also Liked the idea of witch hazel and tea tree being in same moisturiser. Both excellent ingredients for kicking breaks out’s arses.

The texture Is a little strange, I’d say a jelly/gel type texture. Feels very light on the skin so thats a bonus for us oily gal’s. one thing though, It doesn’t really smell of berries like you’d expect. There is teeny hint of berries but nothing to write home about. Bit dissapointing but the fact that the moisterisers so good makes up for it. I only need one pump of this and it covers my whole face easily. I love the way it feels as you’re applying it. It is very refreshing and almost cooling! Perfect for a morning moisteriser! It claims to keep the shine away for 12 hours which Is a bold claim but I wouldn’t dissagree. I apply it in the morning before foundation and it lasts all day, keeping my face matte, just how I like it! I picked it up for around £4 so its an absolute bargain. This is definitely my skins new best friend.


7 thoughts on “An Oily Skins Bestfriend…

  1. I suffer with oily skin and its a nightmare trying to find something to stop my foundation sliding off my face by the end of the day! Definitely going to give this a try, so thanks for that and great post! 🙂 xo

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