How I Look After My Barnet




Now, When it comes to my hair, it take a lot to keep it under control. It’s a sensitive Barnet. It doesn’t like some products else it goes greasy, It doesn’t like others because it goes dry. I can never win. Until recently, I’ve nailed the perfect routine. No more hairs tantrums for me! Today I’m going to put together my fave things to use to keep it happy.

I’ll start with shampoo and conditioner. I’m never really been fussed about shampoo or condition. It never really does mush to my hair. Recently I needed to pick up a new one, so picked up the Ultimate Blends Mthyic Oil Collection. It seems to be doing the job pretty well. It doesn’t make my roots greasy but it still nourishes the ends, Which are pretty dry at the moment. I tend to leave the conditioner on the ends for around 5-10 mins and after they feel silky smooth!

Once i’ve washed my hair I towel dry and usually leave it wrapped in the towel for ages because I can never be arsed to do anything with it. So after about an hour sat with a towel on my head I brush through with my trusty tangle teaser. I don’t know what I did with my life before I had this. I know I went through alot of pain everytime I needed to brush my hair but this has changed everything. I doesn’t yank on my scalp and I’ve found less of my hair breaks off.

Once I have detangled all the knots, I use the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap. This is some seriously good stuff. Now, my hair was pretty weak before using this. I have dyed my hair all sorts of colours before so all that dying did no good for my hair. But since using this, It’s so much stronger and healthier. You can really notice a difference, Even my hairdresser has commented on how strong it is!

Next is to protect. I use the Ultimate blends The Sleek Protector oil. This stuff smells so good. It does a good job too so that’s a bonus. I use about a 2p size blob and smooth it through the ends. You really don’t need too much else it can make it a tad greasy, but if you use the right amount, it makes your hair super silky.

My last step is to add a little mouse. I love volume. You can never have enough volume. One thing that has really fulfilled my volume needs recently is the Loreal Paris Boost It Mousse. I put some in my hand, rub it together and scrunch it in. It doesn’t leave my hair all crispy like most mousses, It leaves it soft but still gives it abit of texture.

I usually leave it to air dry after that if I’m not going out as It’s much better for your hair. My hair does stick up in all different directions if I sleep on it, but nothing the straighteners can’t sort out.

For styling, I have a few favourites. For volume, I love to use the Colab Extreme Volume Extreme Dry Shampoo in the RIO scent which smells lovely. I’ve also got the Luxe Shine Hair fragrance which I love! It adds shine and also smells incredible.  For hold, I use the Loreal Paris Studio Pro Lock It hairspray In Extra Strong. This holds any style in place! I don’t use too much as it is extra strong and can leave your hair a little crispy. But if you use the right amount you cannot feel it at all.



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