Spring Time Haul

As It’s spring time and the weather is picking up abit I decided to go into my local New Look on the hunt for some new spring/summer time clothes. And I couldn’t not have a quick look in Boots could I..

IMG_1081.jpgUnfortunately I couldn’t find anything that I liked apart from this top. It’s a crop top so perfect for this time of year, It’s stripey, (I love me some stripes) and there are tassels. It’s kinda monochrome but Boho at the same time. Would look lovely with a pair of shorts in the summer!

IMG_1076.jpgThe next thing I picked up I was kinda hesitant about. I’ve never tried anything from BIORE before but I have heard about the brand, Especially these BIORE nose strips. My nose area always gets black heads and clogged pores so I am eager to give these ago. hopefully they don’t break me out.

IMG_1068.jpgIMG_1066.jpgThis is something that excited me straight away. Mainly because of the pump, It’s like the Kate Somerville Goats Milk moisturizer where you press down on the lid and a little comes out of the small hole at the top. This is the Boots Witch Hazel With Berry Jelly Moisturiser. When you pump it out it is a really strange consistency. Exactly what it says on the tin, It’s a jelly. It’s unlike anything I have every tried before so looking forward to trying it out.


I was in need of some new shampoo and condition as my current one has ran out. Now when It comes to washing my hair, I don’t tend to use anything expensive, As most I’ve tried haven’t made a huge difference in my hair, Not enough to justify spending ££ on it. (Open to suggestions), So I picked up these because they were on offer. £1.94 each in fact. I Have tried a few others in the ultimate blends collection but I’m yet to give this ago.
imageThis was the main reason I went into boots. I went to get my favourite eyeliner from collection called the extreme liner. I picked up Black which is my everyday one, Although I also noticed a greeny/blue shade too. It was a kinda ‘What the heck?’ Moment. I don’t normally got for anything like this but I am really looking forward to trying to create a look with it!

IMG_1087This is the last of the bunch but by far my favourite. This is the Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter In Brown Sugar. It’s a super moisturising lip butter, Almost like a balm, But still very pigmented. The colour is definitely up my street. A lovely brown, but in the light It is almost metallic with a hint of gold in it. I can see this fast becoming my favourite lipstick.




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