The Eyeshadow Palette Of Dreams

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Oh this eyeshadow palette makes me happy. It’s a thing of beauty. Now I know that It’s probably not possible to use this many shades but I had to have it. It’s so versatile. You can use this for so many different looks and they are really good quality too. I had never really heard of Morphe before until I started watching Jaclyn Hill who used them all the time In her YouTube tutorials. They weren’t available in the UK at the time so I had to wait ages to get my hands on one of my own, But boy, It was worth the wait!

So this is the Morphe plum eye shadow palette 35p. You can get it from cult beauty and Its £20.75. You get 35 eyeshadows so It works out to around £0.60p a pan. Crazy good value for money. And at that price you’re probably thinking they are crap. You’re mistaken because they are amazing! They are actually super pigmented, creamy and bendable, Everything you look for in an eyeshadow. You get a good shade selection and a good amount of mattes and shimmers. What I like about this palette the most Is the fact you can do any eyeshadow look. You’ve got your bright purples if you want a pop of colour, You’ve got your slightly mauve toned colours if you want something simple, And you’re got you super dark browns and blacks if you want a bold smokey eye. My only bug bear is that they don’t have any names so I can’t share my faves, but I’d say my most used colours are on the bottom row.  I’d actually say they are on par with the MAC eyeshadow’s which are £10 if you buy the pans! I have to say, There is a teeny bit of fall out but as they are super pigmented it’s to be expected. Nothing going over your with you powder brush can’t sort out.



7 thoughts on “The Eyeshadow Palette Of Dreams

  1. I agree, Morphe Eyeshadows are such great quality for such a good price.

    I have the 35O which is all the colors I love and need 🙂

    Enjoy to play around with these amazing plum shades


  2. Hey sweetie, just to let you know, have all of the Morphe palettes for about £3 less and practicall free postage! Make sure when you order your next one you go from there. Save money!xxx


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