My Favourite Foundation Brushes



I am slightly obsessed with foundation brushes. I mean who doesn’t love a good foundation brush? It applies your foundation flawlessly, It feels good on your skin, not to mention how lovely some look on your dresser… Here are a few of my absolute favourite foundation brushes.

Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Foundation Brush £30

This brush really is incredible. Expensive, admittedly, but incredible. It’s quite a small, rather fluffy brush, which requires abit more buffing than most foundation brushes. It applies the foundation quite full coverage, Although it doesn’t feel cakey on the skin at all. It blends foundation seamlessly and makes it look flawless. I tend to use this brush when I have abit more time to spend on my makeup as It does require a little more work to blend your foundation in. Still an absolute staple though!

Morphe M439 £13

This brush is a little different to the Bobbi Brown brush, It’s quite stubby and dense. I love this brush for buffing in a fuller coverage foundation in a rush. It’s  domed so perfect for covering those hard to reach places like under your eyes.  I also like to use this brush for  blending in cream contour! It blends it all in seamlessly and doesn’t just smoosh it all around my face. A brilliant all-rounder!

Zoeva 104 Defined buffer £13

brilliant for getting in all the nooks and crannys of the face. It’s a small angled buffer brush, Perfect for applying foundation in all the places some other brushes struggle with, Like around your nose and under your eyes. I love this brush for slightly lighter coverage foundations but you can use it with fuller coverages foundation and it works just as well.

Real Techniques Buffer brush

This brush is one of my favourites at the moment. I’ve found my love for it once again and I’m never letting it go out of my sight. It’s the perfect foundation brush. Not only is it good at applying full coverage foundations, It’s perfect for powder foundation too! I use it with my MAC powder foundation, abit like a kabuki brush, And it applies it seamlessly. This ones a keeper, For sure. unfortunately, I think this is only available as part of the core collection but I personally think that It’s definitely worth it.


3 thoughts on “My Favourite Foundation Brushes

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for following my blog 🙂 I’m so glad I’ve found yours now too, I absolutely love it! Your posts are really great. And I never considered using my RT buffing brush for foundation until now – I need to give that a go! x


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