Rimmel London Volume Colourist Mascara



I’m still on the never ending quest to find the perfect mascara. So when I brought this one I had high hopes! This is a new release from Rimmel, And Its not just your typical mascara. I picked this up as It was 3 for 2 in Supedrug and I wanted to try a new release. What attracted me to this mascara, is the fact it’s meant to dye your lashes over a period of time…Cool right? Well I was well up for trying it out as I have naturally light eyelashes so the thought of having a mascara that will do this for me was amazing.

I’ll start with the wand, I always go for ones like this as I don’t like really stiff, Plastic wands that hurt when you use them. This applicator is full of bristles so brilliant for grabbing and separating your eye lashes. Although I find that it isn’t that good for volume or curling your eyelashes. Unfortunately I have eyelashes that just stick out. They never stay curled and they are a pain in my arse when it comes to finding a mascara. This one didn’t really help the situation and it didn’t really do much to my eyelashes. I wasn’t too bothered about this as the main reason I got this was because I wanted darker lashes. So If I had to use another mascara for volume then so be it.

Now This is were it gets interesting. I had been using it for a few days, everything seemed fine, I didn’t see too much difference in the colour of my eyelashes although I assumed that it would take a few weeks to notice a difference. Every night I take my contact lenses out before taking my makeup off, But when I took my contacts out one night I noticed that they had turned pink! Which was a little strange, Its never happened before and I had only been using this mascara a few days. I didn’t think anything of it and I put a new pair of contacts in the following day, Applied the mascara and went to work. When I took them out, They had turned pink again. The mascara was the only thing I could think off that would do that too them. Since I’ve stopped using the mascara I haven’t had an issues. I’m not keen on the idea of trying out a new pair of contacts incase they get ruined again. So overall, I haven’t got on with the mascara at all.

The quest goes on, I am determined to find the perfect mascara. any suggestions?!

13 thoughts on “Rimmel London Volume Colourist Mascara

  1. I’ve also been trying to find the perfect mascara that isn’t expensive, however, I’ve come to find that the only thing that makes me happy is Dior Extase mascara paired with the Dior prep eyelash conditioner. Those two together are about $50 a pop, but unlike the cheaper brands, it lasts 3 months without changing consistency.


    1. ooo I’ll have to check it out! I get on well with some other high end mascara’s but I’ve always been on the hunt for a cheaper alternative for daily wear, But I guess I’ll have to spend the extra money, Atleast I know they work!


  2. I’ve really been loving the Revlon ultraVOLUME mascara! they can range in price depending where you purchase it from but they never smudge or leave residue!


  3. Hi…I just found your article because I googled “contact lens turned pink after rimmel mascara!” I am now wearing a rather fetching pair of pink contact lenses…with one lens way pinker than the other after I tried this mascara yesterday! So I guess it’s definitely the mascara…weirdly though I can’t get any pink tone when cleaning it off so god knows how it’s happened!
    I love it though so I’m going to persevere, but I do think I look a little bloodshot:) x


    1. Haha No way! I’m relieved as I though something else might have turned them pink! I have monthly contacts so I’ve stopped using the mascara and left them in the cleaning solution for a day or so and It seems to have come off thankfully! Thanks for the comment! xx


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