My Favourite Perfumes


I’m not too good with perfumes. I only usually put them on for special occasions as I hate to waste them. I’m the type of person to absolutely coat myself in a layer of perfume aswell so I tend not to use them on a daily basis. But when I do go out and want abit on, I switch between two options. Two very different options might I add.

Jo Malone Wood Sage And Sea Salt Cologne

First up, The blogger favourite, You’ve probably heard of this before as it is a very well known perfume. But I completely understand why people love it. I Normally go for sweet, quite sexy scents but this one is so refreshing and unlike anything I’ve ever smelt. It’s a very earthy scent, It almost smells as if you on a beach. It’s such a lovely scent. It’s something I would wear if I was going out in the daytime as its more of a daytime scent. I have the smaller bottle which is £42 for 30ml as I wasnt sure if I was going to like it. But I definitely want the 100ml which is £85.


YLS Black Opium 

So this one is the one I opt for if I’m going out for a night out. Its a Sweet, Seductive scent. I must admit, This is the sort of smell I normally go for. It has a mixture of florals, Coffee and Vanilla, Now doesn’t that sound like a gorgeous cocktail of scents. I think its down to the coffee in this perfume that makes it different from your bog standard sweet perfume, Theres just something unique about this perfume and I love it. And lets just take a moment to look at the bottle, Isn’t it beautiful! I have the 30ml but you can also get it in 50ml and 90m, Prices range from £ 39-£72.


So those are most used perfumes, One for  day and one for night! Excuse the fact that I’m crap at describing perfumes but regardless, I still enjoyed writing about them!











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