The River Walk



Can we all just take a minute to look at my face in the last picture, Oh wow, I don’t know what I was doing but i had to include it cause’ its funny! Any way, This weekend was abit of a chill weekend before the motocross season gets into full swing and I have to sit in a muddy field every sunday, Oh the joys of having a boyfriend that does motocross. So we’ve been spending the weekends chillin’, Doing what ever we want. Luckily, The UK seems to have realised its spring so we finally have some sun. Although it’s still a little chilly so I’m still donning the black ripped knee jeans.

We decided to go for a little walk down the river Severn as it’s pretty much on my door step. My outfit of the day was pretty simple. I wanted to be comfy. So I went for my Stripey basic tee from Newlook, Tucked into my Black high wasted jeans. I decided to put my khaki shirt over the top because it was slightly nippy outside even though the sun was shining. I love this shirt, Its got abit of a military vibe to it, But goes brilliantly with stripes! On my feet, I went for some lace up flat shoes from Newlook. They are a recent addition to my shoe collection, I got them in sale for £13! I absolutely love them. I’m very much a trainer girl, But as we are in spring, I thought it was time to try something new. Ooooo another new thing is the cross body bag from H&M. The strap broke on my trusty Newlook fringed bag the other day, So I was in need of a new one. I saw this one in H&M and fell in love. I love how simplistic it is and although it is faux leather, It still looks like good quality.

Lets hope the weather picks up soon so I can break out the shorts and skirts and finally peel of the black jeans that I have loved so much through winter!






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