#SAVEYOURSTAPLES Campaign By ThirdLove



Get your brews at the ready people, I have a good’un for you today.

I’ve recentley been inspried by Thirdloves #saveyourstaples project. If you don’t know about Thirdlove, They make incredible, Beautiful bra’s and lingerie. Based in San Fransisco (Lucky people) They create bra’s and undies that not only look good, They fit good too. I really believe that the most important thing about a bra is the fit. It’s not just that it’s uncomfortable, But it really isn’t good for you.

So when I learned about this project, I though what a bloomin’ good idea? So the idea is to save you staples, Obviously. You go spend your hard-earned money on a beautiful Leather tote, Or a new pair of Jeans, But how do you look after them? It is very important to look after your staple items, because let’s be honest, They can often come in quite expensive. No one likes chucking their money down the drain. I know I certainly don’t. By taking care of your staple items you can also pro-long the life of them and get the most out of them! So I have got a few tips for #savingyourstaples.



So when It comes to bra’s , They need special care.. Some times you need to pay abit of attention to your bra’s before you put them in the washing machine. You can soak them in warm Soapy water, give them abit of a gentle rub to make sure any stains are removed, Then rinse. When It comes to drying, Instead of hanging up in the airing cupboard by the straps, Lie them flat on a sheet or towel. No one likes baggy straps!

Lint rollers are your best friend

Yep you heard me, Lint rollers are your best friend. If your like me and have pets, (my house is literally like an animal sanctuary), Then you’ll know how annoying it is to find pet hairs all over your clothes, Especially black jeans. If you know me, Then you probably know that my main staple is black jeans, I wear them all the time. It’s so annoying when you have hairs all over them, So use a lint roller to get all them pesky hairs off your lovely staple items. Another tip, You can use a lint roller to clean your bags. Simply empty your bag, Pull out the inside of the bag, and roll away. No more hair brushes covered in bits. Don’t tell me that’s never happened to you. Cause’ we all know your lying 😉

Look at the labels

Now I know most of the time, Labels are just annoying. They stick out and make you look stupid when some one has to tell you it’s sticking out, And they are itchy! But they do have they’re uses! Follow the washing and drying guidelines. It’s not all the same! I know its easy to think, ‘Ah, just shove it all in and see what happens’ It will never end well, And you could end up ruining one of your favorite pieces.  Trust me, I turned my jeans pink.

Be careful with you knick’s! 

Its always best to watch what your washing your knickers in. No harsh chemicals or washing powders. Its also best to wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. They are delicate and need extra care. Always read the labels on your underwear aswell. Especially Silk or lace.

Hang your clothes up correctly

I’m not gonna lie, When I was a teenager, I used to just throw all my clothes in a giant pile at the bottom of the wardrobe. I didn’t realise how important it was until I started buying nice, Expensive items brought with my own hard-earned money. Hanging them up will keep them in good condition and stop them from becoming tatty. With coats, Make sure you hang them up on a padded, sturdy hanger to ensure the shoulders stay in shape.


So That’s some of my tips to keep your staples looking good all year long. Just to make things better, The lovely bunch at Thirdlove have also given a 15% off discount code for their website! They’re very generous aren’t they. Use the code STAPLES. I’d like to thank Thirdlove for the opportunity to be part of the #saveyourstaples campaign!

P.S: Comment down below with some other tips to #saveyourstaples! I’d love to hear some of your tips!





*I was not paid by Thirdlove or any of it’s affliates for this post.

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