Neutrogena Oil Free Range



You know me, I’m always on the hunt for a good moisturiser to combat my oily skin. I just love trying different ones. But since finding these, I feel like my craving for Moisturisers is no longer there. I’ve been cured!

I’ll start with the one I picked up first. Visibly clear Oil- free moisturiser. I was mooching around boots and happened to see it there, Eagerly awaiting me to pick it up. I had seen many people had enjoyed it so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I completely understand why people like this moisturiser. It feels like you’re putting a really rich luxurious cream on, But without having to worry about becoming ridiculously oily within minutes. Oh no, This keeps the oil at bay all day but still manages to moisturise your skin. The only thing I have found is you have to work quickly, As the texture is quite thick, Once you start to massage it into your face, It sinks in very quickly! Since using it, I haven’t had any major break outs and my make-up is still intact by the end of the day, Which is a rare occurrence. Wanna know another good thing? Its only £4.19. Absolute bargain.


The next thing I picked up which was kinda influenced by the other moisturiser, Is the Oil- Free CC Cream. I was after something that I can shove on before work, And not have to worry about it sliding off by the end of the day. What I like most about this is that its very lightweight, It’s a very sheer coverage although perfect for them ‘No make up, Make up days’. I don’t like anything too heavy for work, I tend to wait until the weekend to bring out the big guns and slap on some high coverage foundations. In the week, I keep it simple. And this does the job perfectly! I got the colour Light, Which is perfect for me! I blend in with fingers, Add some concealer and powder, And I’m good to go. I think I picked this up for around the same price as the moistriser so again, another bargain!







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