Contouring Made Easy-SEVERNTEEN


I’m so crap at contouring. You see all these make up Guru’s on Instagram  creating some sort of masterpiece on the face and then blending it all out and looking flawless. When I do it I look like I used a spade to put my make up on. So when it comes to contouring I keep it simple. I usually stick to powder although I do enjoy using the ABH cream contour kit now and then. So you can imagine my face when I saw this contour kit at the severteen counter in boots.

First of all, The packaging. I love it! Its very sleek and simplistic. Abit NARS-Esque. Inside the matte black case, you get 2 powders. Ones a highlight and the others a contour shade. Both in there separate pans. Nothing annoys me more when they put the powders together so when you use the one shade you get the other all mixed in too.

The powders are creamy and pigmented, Not chalky at all. The contour shade is the pefect contour colour. Not too warm, Not too cool toned. Just in the middle. But one thing that did surprise me was the highlight shade. It isn’t your typical highlight like most contour kits have. Its Matte. So no disco ball highlight to go over board with, We’re all guilty of it so don’t deny it! Its just a very light powder so perfect for the under eyes, Nose and brow bone. I find most contour kits have highlights that never get used because they are pretty much useless. They never show up! So its quite refreshing to find a kit that you can get use out of both shades!

It doesn’t come with a brush, Which personally I like. I never use the brushes contour kits come with, They are always rubbish! I used the real techniques setting brush, Suck in the cheeks, And apply the contour shade to the hollows of my non exsistant cheekbones. Then I used the highlight shade with my normal powder brush and apply, Pretty much everywhere. Done.

Overall I think this kit is perfect for those of you that are like me and don’t go too over board with contouring. Its simple and easy to use. You can pick it up from boots for £5.99 and I actually think its better than some high-end contour kits out there on the market so definitely worth a try!







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