Frank Body The Original Body Scrub



So I normally cant be arsed with exfoliaters. To me, they seem like a chore. Until recently. I have heard some really good things about Frank Body. They’re all natural, contain brilliant ingredients, and smell amazing. So I decided to place an order for there original coffee scrub. I’ll just add here, the packaging was friggin’ adorable when it turned up. I ripped open the pastel coloured package to find a lovely packaged brown bag which contained the scrub. I could probably talk about the beautiful packaging all day but you don’t want to read a whole post about brown bags, right?

What drew me to this scrub was the fact it claims to target cellulite and stretch marks. Everyone wants killer legs so I thought i’d put it to the test. It claims to have vitamin E in which works to prevent any cellular damage and the effects of pollution – according to the frank body website, Sounds good Eh?

On to the goodness inside! I jumped straight into the shower as soon as I got home ready to scrub away! I dipped my hand in and got a good handful and slathered it on! The smell is lovely! A strong coffee smell so if you don’t like the smell of coffee you will probably hate it, but I personally love the smell. It also has a hint of chocolate orange to it which I also love the smell of, So frank gets a thumbs up from my nose so far.

You add a little water and get scrubbin’. The texture is very gritty so it is a little harsh, Although any redness I had calmed down after around 10 mins. I also put it on my face for around 5-10 minutes as its meant to be good for oily and acne prone skin. Once I washed it all off, I literally felt like a new born baby. Sounds a tad dramatic but I felt so soft and surprisingly moisturised! I’m guessing that’s down to the cold pressed almond oil thats in it. Other ingredients include Brown sugar to cleanse and clarify and roasted & ground Robusta Coffee Blend to get rid of any dry and flakey skin and also targets imperfections. All in all, I loved this scrub, Coming from me, Who hates scrubs. I got mine off the Frank Body website for Β£11.95 for 200g. I think it will last me around 7 more showers so you get alot in the bag. Next on my list is the Frank Body Balm which looks lovely too! bye bye money..




17 thoughts on “Frank Body The Original Body Scrub

  1. I love this post! Just to let you know I’ve nominated you for the liebster award! It’s in my most recent blog (I would tag the link but idk how to) sorry!! Haha X


    1. I’ve just had a quick look on the website and you can get a peppermint one and a coconut one, they still might have abit of a coffee smell but it might be less obvious! They really are worth it πŸ™‚ xx


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