Faux Fur Lovin’




Fur Gillet – Boohoo Now on offer!

Top (Similar) – ASOS 

Jeans – Boohoo

Shoes (Similar) – Topshop


I’ve got abit of an obsession with faux fur. I just love how It can transform a normal casual look, Into a glamorous one. And this ones no exception. I ordered this dark green fur gillet from Boohoo a while back after seeing it in a lookbook on Youtube. I just fell in love with the colour. It’s not your ‘usual’ gillet colour, I mean I’ve only ever seen brown and black faux fur gillets so I knew that I  had to have It! what I like most about this Gillet, Is the fact you can just shove it on when it’s still a little cooler outside and still look fashionable. Considering its missing the arms, It still pretty warm too! But I’d be lieing if I told you I got this for practical reasons…

I decided to pair it with my forever 21 Grey long sleeve crop top and surprise suprise, My black ripped knee jeans, also from Boohoo. I love my trusty black jeans, They are so comfy and easy to style, hopefully once the weather warms up I can crawl out of my warm, black jean shaped comfort blanket and into some shorts and skirts. where are you heat wave?!

Another thing I’m loving at the moment are these peep toe ankle boots from Topshop, I did get them a while ago and sort of put them away over winter as they are more sandle-like and it was abit too cold to put them on, But now it’s getting slightly milder outside, I’ve decided to break them out again, and I think they look so edgy with my black jeans.




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