Budget Blusher: Miss Sporty Insta Glow Blush




I’m loving the budget stuff recently. Everyone loves to save abit of money. And when you find a product thats cheap but still good, the satisfaction is overwhelming. Well that is exactly how i’m feelin’ right now with this product.

In a recent haul post, I mentioned I picked up this Blusher from Miss Sporty. The shade is called ‘Lumious beige’ which is a beautiful shimmery beige with small gold flecks in which reflect the light perfectly. I originally went to pick up the Miss Sporty Liquid concealer because alot of people rave about it, But it was sold out. Of course, Me being me I couldn’t leave without anything. As soon as I saw these blushers, The first thing that popped into my head was the fact they kinda looked like the Estee lauder Gelee Blush which were out a few years ago, Remember those? I think they were limited edition, But the way the blusher was in the pan reminded me of those. When I swatched the blush, They weren’t overly pigmented. Don’t get me wrong, You could still get a good pay off, It was just quite a subtle one. Which I personally prefer because I always end up putting too much blusher on, But with this you can still get a good colour payoff without looking like a clown and having to go in with your foundation brush to try and sort it out.When the blush is applied, I love the way it reflects the light! It just looks like you’ve got a natural, Luminous flush to the cheeks. I must admit, I’m not a fan of the packaging, Its nothing special, But I can’t be that picky considering it was only £2.99! Lets hope I can get my hands on the Liquid concealer from Miss Sporty soon because I’m dying to try it, Maybe I could pick up a few more colours of this blush while I’m there..Maybe.



8 thoughts on “Budget Blusher: Miss Sporty Insta Glow Blush

  1. I’ve seen so many posts about Miss Sporty make up and how great their make up is – must pick up a few products! I love the colour of this one! xx


  2. I love a good bargain ! Have you tried the Revolution Blushing Hearts or Collections Gorgeous Glow Blush Block ? They are fab too 🙂


      1. Revolutions is a dupe for the too faced and the collection is a dupe for Bobbi brown shimmer brick I love them !


      2. I really wanted to get the two faced blushers for ages now but they are quite expensive, will definitely check out the revolution ones first now though!


      3. I think they’re about £5 each and look exactly the same as the too faces ones. Highly pigmented and beautiful colours too


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