The Lace Up Top


So I recently picked up this new top from Newlook. I was after something abit more ‘Jazzy’ shall I say, Then just your bog standard strap tops. I’m forever wearing basic, Plain tops, ‘Cause lets face it, It’s easy. I wanted to pick up something a little different to what I normally pick up. Now I know, It is khaki, Which is pretty much 90% of my wardrobe, BUT, all of the other colours were really not me. There was a bright pink and a salmon coloured one, and I don’t do pink. So yeah, This was the only option, It had to be done.

I must say though, I really love it! I think its quite flattering around the chest area. It isn’t too low like some lace up tops that I really can’t pull off because unfortunately, I am lacking the chest department. But I love how this top looks. I know it isn’t exactly out there, But I am getting there. I used to be quite out going with fashion when I was abit younger, But nowadays I seem to always pickup the same stuff. Plain tops, Black ripped jeans and trainers. I guess it’s because I’m worried that it won’t look right on meΒ or I would look out of place. But I am determined to get my fashion Mojo back and come up with some different outfits soon, Fingers crossed.



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