March Favourites

It’s that time of the month again, monthly favourites. (Bit late this month, But been sooooo busy recently!) I don’t have many this month, I have been very busy with other boring life things so I have just been using the same old stuff. Although there were a few things that I have rekindled my love for, so without further a do i ‘spose….




I love this foundation! It is my new daily foundation that is lightweight but still has fairly good coverage. I have found myself reaching for it every single day this month. I really think it’s a strong contender for my favourite all time foundation.




I’ve had this lipstick for a long time now, although kinda put it to one side and forgot about it. But recently I dusted it down and decided to give it ago. I’m so glad I did as I haven’t put it back in the draw since. It just a perfect browny nude that is so moisturising and creamy!


IMG_0868 (2).JPG

So, If you didnt already know, My eye sight is pretty awful. I usually wear contacts every day, But after a recent checkup, I decided to pick some glasses and wear them more often. So I picked up these FCUK ones mainly because my boyfriend actually had an opinion on them, So they must of been good. I love them too though!



Another thing I haven’t taken off this month. I’ve warn it every day and think I will forever! The weather is actually picking up here in england, You still have to wear a coat but nothing to big and heavy. So this has been perfect!



Another pair of glasses. This time sunglasses. I was in need of some sunglasses. The suns decided to make a unexpected appearance in the  UK so I picked these up from Newlook. The shape is prefect, It suits my face well and they are super comfy to wear.




17 thoughts on “March Favourites

    1. Thanks! I use the loreal true match powder! Although if im completely honest it doesnt really need setting, although I like to just powder my t-zone as thats where I tend to get oily. X


    1. I actually think it would be okay! Even though its matte it is still quite hydrating! I dont think it would cling to any dry patches because the texture is quite different to most matte foundations, its almost air whipped. Hard to explain but it really is amazing! X

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    1. Thank you! It does havnt pretty good staying power for a drugstore foundation, I put on around 8am and take it off about 7pm, by the end of the day it will have rubbed of a tiny bit on my nose and chin but not bad for a 12 hr day! Xx

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