Oopps….Another Haul



So, erm, yeah, Still trying to save money, But this is mainly home stuff soooo I guess its okay as I would only be buying them when I do eventually move out. I decided to go to a local shopping centre today as me and my boyfriend had the day off work. The main reason I went is because I wanted to go to Homesence,  so i thought, why not pop to boots aswell? And then I got carried away and went to TIGER too..My Bad.

The first thing I picked up was some tea light holders from TIGER. They’re very me. I don’t normally go for colour, and I also like quite simple things. I think they would look lovely either side of a fireplace. They were an absolute bargain at £2 each so I picked up 2. I also picked up a black rounded edge photo frame, again, Black, No surprises there.This was only £1 so I couldn’t resist. I love the simplistic look of it, I think I might actually keep the picture it comes with in there as its very different looking, and I love that.

The next thing I picked up was a candle from homesence, It smells amazing, But I’m not gunna lie, I did get it for it’s looks. Very shallow, I know. Although It think It would look great on a coffee table.

And the last two things, I didn’t really need, But I decided to pick ‘um up anyway! I picked up the Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit, I’ve seen alot of beauty bloggers rave about this and have been meaning to pick It up for ages. Most contour kits come with highlights nowadays that don’t really do anything, But the highlight powder in this kit is matte, So you can use it as a powder to set your make-up but still illuminate the places you want to.

Last of all, I picked up the New Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipstick. I’m not sure of the shade name, Although, Its the lightest shade in the collection. A Nice Warm, Browny Nude which Is my go to lip colour. Maybe a review coming up soon once I’ve tried it out.



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