Top 5 Nail Polishes

I’ve always had a problem biting my nails. I can never seem to stop. I’ll go a few months, get them to a nice length and then nervously bite them all off. If I get nervous about anything its my nails that bet the brunt of my nervousness, Poor buggers. So I don’t really where nail polish that often because whats the point? There’s hardly anything to paint! On occasion I like to wear false nails, Just to make my self feel better and make my hands not look like man hands. When I do put fakes nails on, I can break out my best nail polishes and I have 5 that I find myself reaching for every time.


I’ll Start off with the one I’m wearing now, It the chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour In Rose Confidentel. This shade is so beautiful, It’s a dusky rose that looks brilliant with a tan, It hardly ever chips so I can get good wear out of it and it apply’s great too. The applicator is fairly thin although doesn’t apply too much nail polish, So you don’t have that panic when it drips all over everything in its path.


My most recent purchase is the Loreal Colour Riche Le Vernis A L’Huile In Vert Absynthe. The colour is my favourite colour in the world. Khaki. Literally the whole of my wardrobe is khaki and I’m not ashamed. This colour looks so good on the nails, The main reason I picked it up is because I’ve never seen a nail colour like it. I also think that the applicator is brilliant as its wider and flatter than most, So it only takes like 2 swipes to cover your nail.


My favourite nail polish for this time of year is Essie Buy Me A Cameo. Its a lovely metallic baby pink so it suits spring beautifully. Everyone compliments me when I wear it. It quite subtle so if you don’t like bright, In your face nail polishes, You’ll love this.


I’m sure its no surprise that theirs a Tayna Burr Nail Polish in my top five. This is the shade Duvet day. A light grey colour, That isn’t dull. Some grey nail polishes can just look really dull but this one looks so bright and eyecatching. It applys like a dream and lasts really well. Brilliant for this time of year aswell.


Last but not least, Its Barry M in the colour Arabian from the Aquarium Collection. This colour is hard to explain, Its like a greeny, goldy colour. When its on your nails, Its green, But when caught in the light, It has a beautiful gold tint. Barry M are known for brilliant nail polishes so you know the formula and lasting power will be brilliant. Can’t get enough of this colour in summer!







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