Mac Pro Longwear Norishing Waterproof Foundation Review



Put your hands up if you have way to many foundations. *puts hands up*. I am guilty of being a foundation hoarder and I’m not ashamed! I have all sorts. But one that I didn’t have until recently was the Mac Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof foundation. What a mouthful. I picked this up purely for the fact that it was waterproof. Not that I go swimming very often or shower with my make-up on but my thought process was, If its waterproof, It will stay on forever. So I ordered it on the MAC website for around £25, quite expensive but what do you expect, its MAC. I picked up the shade NC20 and if I’m completely honest, I winged it when picking the colour. I didn’t know if it would even match but lets be honest, MAC shades are a complete minefield!

First impressions of this … Its very thick in consistency so if you like a sheer Foundation that you don’t want to feel on your face, then you probably wont like this, HOWEVER, I Love it. As it’s quite thick , It does need abit more attention when blending in, But when it has been blending in, It looks flawless! It is high coverage, I only needed to do one coat to get a full coverage face so thumbs up from me because I love full coverage foundations that need little effort. As for staying power, You’ve probably guessed it, Its also amazing. It lasts all day, It doesn’t rub off when you touch you’re face which is something that happens alot with other foundations.

Verdict? I Loved this foundation!





4 thoughts on “Mac Pro Longwear Norishing Waterproof Foundation Review

  1. Unfortunately I tend to touch my face too much during the day (bad habit I know!)! I’ll definitely be giving this foundation a try to see if this is my all day foundation solution!


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