The Denim Jacket



I love abit of denim me, and you can’t beat a good denim jacket. I’ve been after a good denim jacket for a long time but I couldn’t find the perfect one anywhere.  I wanted something that was over sized, Light in colour and not to short, as now a days every denim jacket out there seems to be really short. I’m not picky at all, Honest…


Anyway I saw this on Newlook’s website and had to have it! Its just the right colour, length and size. It is slightly distressed so it has abit of a retro vibe to it which I love. I decided to were my black denim ripped jeans and checked red and green shirt which I think makes this look very ‘rock-chic’ Esque. I picked up this shirt a few years back from a second hand shop so i’m not sure of the brand, It was originally men’s although I think I pull it off okay…Any who, We went to watch our friend at motocross today, Hence the muddy field. The track was absolutely huge so I wanted something comfy to wear on my feet as I knew I would be walking quite far. So of course, I picked my Black Vans. I don’t go a day with out wearing them, They’re sooooo comfy but still look, dare i say ‘cool’.

So all in all, I really liked this outfit. It’s something you can just shove on and feel relaxed in, but still look kinda edgy.


I’ll also leave you with this lovely picture. Most bloggers nail the off guard look and still look all graceful and majestic. I Just look like an idiot haha..






5 thoughts on “The Denim Jacket

  1. Morning Millie!

    Hello, Beautiful Blogger! Your photos here are quite spectacular! The background reminds me of Los Angeles. And the writer in me commends your writing voice.

    Three cheers,



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