Maybelline Dream Velvet Matte Foundation



I had been meaning to try this for such a long time. Everytime I went into town I kept putting it off as i’ve been trying to save money, but a couple of weeks ago on a trip to boots, I decided i’d pick it up and give it a good old go!

Obviously as you’ve guessed by the name, its a matte finish. I wouldnt say its the sort of matte foundation that dries and leaves your face looking like you used a spoon to put it on. Its a really natual finish, It feels like you have nothing on your face which looks and feels lovely! I picked up the shade ivory, which suits me perfectly. It’s not too yellow and not too pink, its just in the middle.

As for the consistencey, its very thick, which is off putting at first as you think that its going to look really unatural on the face. But don’t let it trick you. It feels slighly ‘mousse like’ so It blends into a natural finish but still convering all of my redness and blemishes.

As for the staying power. I wear it on an every day basis and i’d say i have it on for about 12 hours. It last brilliantly, I dont have to power as it stays perfectly matte, and it doesnt oxidize on the face. Ive tried alot of matte foundations as they are my favourite type, and i have to say this is by far the best. I’ve worn it everyday since getting it and i love it! It take 2 seconds to blend with my bobbi brown blending brush so perfect if you’re in a rush and doesnt leave you’re face in a patchy mess. You cant moan at the price either, think i picked this up for around £5.99 So a perfect everyday foundation.


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