NEW Loreal Studio Pro Hair Styling Products

So I picked these up on a recent trip to Superdrug mainly because they caught my eye, I mean look at them!, The packaging is very edgey which I think looks awesome. The other thing thats awesome is the fact I picked ‘um up for around £3 each as they we’re on offer so they’re an absolute bargain. The reason I went to Superdrug was because I was after something that would put more volume in my hair as recently my hair has been so drab and lank. It just doesn’t seem to do anything but just ‘hang’ if that makes any sense. It doesn’t have any sort of style or volume. Lets just say me and my hair are really not getting on at the moment….

Any way, I picked up 2 products from the range. One being the Boost it Volume Mousse and the other being the Lock It Fixing Hair Spray. I needed new hair spray anyway so it wasn’t really a biggie. As these are new products, I though i’d give it a try. First of all, for a hair spray, it smells amazing! I usually hate the smell of hair spray. Especially when you spray abit too much and end up choking and having a horrible taste in the back of your throat for ages. But this doesn’t have that at all. It smell’s sooo good. I picked up the Extra Strong one as my hair is quite Unruly at times so I need abit of hold. It claims to have up to 48 hours hold, which is a very bold claim, although I did curl my hair a few days ago and the curls held so much better when I used this.


Next up I brought the Boost It Volume Mousse. The idea of this is to add volume to the roots with abit of texture and it claims to be a ‘double hold formula’. You rub the mousse though the lengths of your damp hair, Concentrating on the roots to give you instant volume. I love this product. It’s really added the volume I needed. My hair has so much more texture to it so when I ruffle it up abit with my fingers, it holds in place nicely! Thumps up Loreal!


Something different that Loreal has brought to the game is an APP to go along with the products, where you can virtually try different hairstyles and there are also tutorials on there apparently so that looks cool. I haven’t had chance try it personally but let me know what you think if you have..Overall it’s a big thumbs up for the Studio Pro range and I really would like to try some others for the range!




6 thoughts on “NEW Loreal Studio Pro Hair Styling Products

  1. Nice post hun, enjoyed the read.
    Latest post is up.
    Going to have to try out these hair products xx


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