Khaki Nails



Its been a hectic and traumatic few days for me. I will go into more detail about this very soon when its all blown over and will do a post to explain, but basically this is gunna be a short one from me today!

I recently picked up this new nail varnish from Loreal. Its part of a new range of nail varnishes called Colour Riche Le Vernis L’Hulie. Isnt it such a beautiful colour? I’ve never seen this sort of khaki colour on the highstreet, its my favourite colour anyway so when i first saw it I knew it would be my all time fave. This new launch from loreal is enriched with a blend of precious oils so the colour and shine are both intense, which i definitely agree with.

I really think loreal nailed it with these ones… Like what i did there πŸ˜‰


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