Weekend Haulin’



This weekend I popped into Superdrug to pick up a few things. Obviously the superdrug curse got hold of me and I ended up getting alot more that I actually needed. But in my defence, alot of brands have been coming out with loads of interesting products recently!…


The first thing I picked up was Maybeline Dream Velvet foundation. I love Matte foundations as they really suit my skin. I orginally went to pick up the Loreal Infalliable Matte Foundation, Although this caught my eye straight away. When I tried it in the shop it smoothed on my hand so smoothly. It looked like it had good coverage aswell so I couldnt wait to try it out. Review coming soon!


Next up I got the New Loreal Colour Riche Le Vernis A L’Huile in Absinthe vert. I have been looking for something like this forever! It’s a lovely khaki colour and looks lovely on the nails! Favourite nail polish ever!

Whilst looking at the maybeline stand I noticed the new push up mascara, I’ve been meaning to get a new mascara for ages as the one i’ve got doesnt work for me at all. Once i’ve tried this out for a week or two i’ll write a proper review so watch this space for that.

Obviously I couldnt not look at the hair stuff. I end up picked up some bits from Loreal as i noticed some new stuff from them. I think the studio pro range is faily new anway… I’ve only recently seen it in superdrug so i’m not sure. I picked up the boost it volume mouse and the fixing hairspray. I used this today and already love them. My hair seem to lack abit of life recently. It so flat and ‘boring’, but this definitely gave it the boost it needed.

Lastly, I picked up the eligant touch 001 nails. I have extemely bad nails so sometimes I just want something to make them look half decent again. These are my go to nails, they’re just the right lengh and last really well too.

Will review most of these product soon so look out for those!


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