Products Worth The Splurge

I love trying new, luxury products in the beauty world. Although, what I hate doing is parting with my money. So when I do eventually hand my hard earned pennies over, I like to do my research to see if it’s worth the splurge. So today I thought ‘what not try and help others and recommend products that worked for me and I personally think are worth the splurge?’ So that’s exactly what im’a Do…




First up, A palette that everyone and their dog has spoken about in the beauty world. The Hourglass Ambient lighting Palette. I have mentioned this way to much on my blog so i’ll keep it short and sweet. I love it. The quality of the powders are incredible and I just don’t find myself reaching for anything else. It has 1 bronzer, 2 blushers, 2 powders and 1 stobing powder. You have everything you need in one palette so it’s brilliant for Travelling or if your in a rush. The only downside…It’s a whopping £65. I know, £65!? My purse cries at the thought. Although I don’t regret it one bit!



Next, The most flattering Golden highlighter ever to be created…Of course its Jaclyn hill x Becca Champagne Pop. Another product that sent the beauty world crazy. Coming in at £30, It’s quite expensive for a highlighter, Something I had to justify to myself before buying. I completely get why everyone went mad for this, I mean its frickin’ Beautiful. I usually use this when i’m going out as its quite a heavy highlight, But if applied lightly, you could definitely pull if off for day time. The pigmentation quality is incredible and the colour is so gorgeous, I definitely think its worth the hype and the money.



I was abit hesitant about the next product, I had never spent as much on a foundation brush before so I was really worried it wouldn’t be worth it. I couldn’t of been more wrong! The Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Foundation Brush is the best blending brush I have ever used. Yes as you can tell from the name, When you use this brush, It will apply your foundation quiet heavily, although don’t be fooled by the name. If I want a lighter coverage, I spray the brush with Mac Fix + and it will make the application lighter. I use this brush on a daily basis and I wouldn’t use any other. It has quite a hefty price tag of £30, so alot for a makeup brush, But you can tell the quality is amazing.


Last but by no means least, Stila Eyes Are The Window Palette-Soul. This is the best neutral pallet i’ve come across. It had cool tones and warm tones. It has Shimmery shades and Matte shades. Its just a perfect all rounder. The pigmentation is crazy and the texture is buttery and easy to work with. It is £30, So not too bad compared to other palettes out there, although still abit of a splurge.










19 thoughts on “Products Worth The Splurge

  1. I love it! I’m thinking about getting my hands on Champagne Pop as well. It’s so gorgeous! ❤


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