An Oil For Oily Skin?



So, I know what your thinking, because I was thinking the exact same when i saw it. I would have never dreamt of slathing my face in oil when my face was already oily, I couldn’t think of anything worse! Although, This oil isnt like your typical oil. It’s specifically for oily/combination skin. It goes by the name of Lotus  Face Treatment Oil, By Clarins. Now as you may know already,   Clarins do alot of brilliant skincare. but this is by far the best product i’ve tried so far. It’s a natural astringent so perfect for the oily gal’s out there, and it’s also made from 100% Natural plant extracts, so there’s no nasties in there that are gunna break you out.


At first, I was abit dubius to try this. I have suffered from oily skin since I can remember, and the thought of putting an oil on my skin made me shiver from head to toe. But after my first week, I noticed a big difference in my skin. The main thing was that my foundation actually stayed on through out the day. Usually, as soon as that clock reached 10am, I looked like I had slept, face down in a pillow all night and all of my foundation had just whiped off. I know, it wasn’t pretty. I have now been using this oil for about 18 months and I still love it! I use 2-3 drops every night after cleansing and before moisturizer, warm it up in my hands, and gently press onto my face. I guess the only problem I have is it does stick around on your skin for a while, which is kinda scary, but don’t let it fool you, it’s gone by the morning and your left with a nice, fresh, non-oily face. This Oil retails at £32, so quite a hefty price tag for an oil, although I think its completely worth it. Oily skin- Be gone!



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