Wingin’ It – On A Budget




You’ve got to love that feeling of overwhelming satisfaction when you find a product you know you love so much you’d probably take it to the grave. Well this product is it for me. It was abit of an unexpected find , although i’m so glad i did find it. After running out of my KIKO Liquid Liner, I rushed to the supermarket to pick up any liner I could find, I wasn’t being fussy, I just needed liner. When I say needed, I mean it. I wear liner every day and have done since i was a wee teenager. I have tried many, don’t get me wrong i’ve liked most, but never really stuck with them. I guess i’m quick fickle when it comes to eye liner…

Anywho, I ended up picking up this one from collection, called Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner in Black. When i swatched it in the shop, It was exactly what i wanted. It has quite a thick nib which personally, I love, it’s nice and black, and the formula dries matte. And of course, it was an absolute Bargain at £2.99. So i swanned over to the till, (with a very smug face might i add), ready to go home and try it out, and boy am I glad I did. It applies so easily compared to any other felt tip liner i’ve tried, I’d love to tell you why but I don’t know! I just seem to be able to apply it within seconds, and i’m done, my flicks look  perfect. Its fast drying too, so you don’t have to worry about getting that silly line in the crease of your eye when you open them. You all know the one i’m one about. You do all of your eyeshadow and it look perfect, then your eyeliner decides to go a ruin it all by printing itself in the crease of your eye! god damn you eyeliner.

I wasn’t really expecting anything special from this liner I must admit, but I was shocked. Since wearing it, I have gotten comments on how good my liner looks. Obviously I haven’t tried this for 24hrs, i’d say i’ve had it on for about 12 Hours, and it last brilliantly. Not even a smudge. I can’t praise this eyeliner enough! Go and check it out if your love eyeliner as much as i do!




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