Valentines Day


So this valentines day, Me and my boyfriend, Danny, decided we wasn’t going to buy each other fancy gifts and flowers. As it was out sixth Valentines together, and we will moving out this year, we decided it would be a better idea to use the money we would of for gifts and spend it on a nice day out. We ended up going to Statford Upon Avon. Luckily, the weather decided it would be fairly nice and sunny today. As it was sunny but still a bit chilly, I went with my big fury leopard print coat, which is my FAVOURITE coat, Ever. I have abit of a obsession with leopard print at the moment. I paired this with my Topshop white shirt and ASOS high waisted jeans. I love this shirt as its so simple and easy to just shove on and tuck into jeans. It was still sunny outside so i did need to wear sunglasses, I chose my H&M Round reflective sunglasses because i think they added something a little different to my outfit. (The main reason i picked them is because they look coooool.)

I had only ever been to Stratford Upon Avon once, but i was very small so i can’t really remember much apart from the fact it was Shakespears birthplace. It is such a lovely british town.There are so many lovely coffee shops and restaurants that are so unique. The shops are also brilliant, they have many shops that i don’t have locally, like space NK and The White Company.

I only picked up two things, which both were candles… I have no regrets.


The first candle I picked up was The White Company ‘Wild Fig’. There was so much choice in the shop it was hard to pick, although this one stood out to me as a more spring/summer Scent as its very fresh.The only problem is, I don’t want to burn it! It’s too pretty. I think I might save this one for when I move out.

The second candle I picked up was ‘Our Own Candle Company’ in Ginger Peach. I had never heard of these before, they wear in a little gift shop called Magpiebox and they all come in small jars which is sooo cute. But the main reason I liked these candles was because they actually smell exactly like there meant to…if that makes any sense. They smell so strong so you know as soon as you light them in your room, it will smell of it after 5 minutes.

After a little mosey around the shops, we realised every cafe was full to the brim by lunch time, So we ended up having lunch in a little coffee shop just on the high street which was lovely. Overall, I had such a lovely day for valentines day, and I have lots of pictures to remember it with.






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