The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks



Today i wanted to talk about these beauties from The Balm! I have recently had an unhealthy obsession with Matte Lipsticks, And these bad boys are something I have wanted to add to my collection for a long time! When I first saw these, they were not available in the UK, so after many months of waiting, I came across them on the Debenhams website. After a huge ‘EEEKKKKKK’, I puchased 2 shades from the collection, Each coming in at £13.50. The shades I picked up where CHARMING and COMMITTED. They are fairly similar shades, although Charming is a slightly more dark mauve colour, whereas committed is a Pinky, Nude shade. When I first tried these I found they where slightly drying on my already dry lips, But its nothing abit of lip balm before hand couldn’t fix.







Left to right- Charming, Commited

These two shades together are a dream! I use Charming all over the lips and then apply Commited to the center. It creates a brilliant ombre brown/pink colour! As it says in the name, It is ment to be long lasting and I definitely agree with that claim. The fact that it’s Matte definitely helps the staying power, even trying to remove this at the end of the day is abit of a struggle, and can leave a stain behind which is pretty annoying. Although after a second cleanse it should disappear. so overall a thumbs up from me! I’d really like to try a few more shade so watch this space.





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