Makeup Geek Eye Shadows



I have been watching Jaclyn Hills Videos for a verrrrrry long time now, and she seems to be always using Make Up Geek Eye shadows, which unfortunately were never available in the UK until recently. Whilst browsing the endless pages of Beauty Bay, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that these where now available! I picked up Peach Smoothie, Creme Burlee and Cocoa Bear. Peach Smoothie is pretty much was is says, a beautiful Peachy Cream, which is perfect as a transition Shade. Creme Brulee is a soft warm brown, which i use to blend in Cocoa Bear, and Cocoa Bear is a dark brown, almost burgundy colour.



Left to Right: Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, and Cocoa Bear

They are VERY good value for money, Coming in at just £4.95 each, i’d say I actually prefer them to MAC Eye shadows which are £10. So with the price being a winner, what about the formula? Well, They are Buttery, and alot easier to blend than most shadows. I find that peach Smoothie is a perfect Transition shade for me, I use it everyday, whether I am doing a very neutral look or a Bright, Colourful look. It helps the other shades blend in seamlessly. Creme Brulee is just a PERFECT crease shade, Its the sort of shade you can just use to contour the crease and shove on some Mascara and you’re good to go. It blends brilliantly so you don’t need to keep going back and forth with a blending brush, you can literally slap it on it still looks perfect. Now, Cocoa Bear is my favourite out of the three. It’s my perfect shade. Its a deep brown/Burgndy which looks amazing in the crease. I Usually reach for this when i want something abit different to a normal dark brown.

So overall, They are amazing and Cheap, Win Win! I think next i’d like to try the blushers and the Duo chrome eye shadows.



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