Home Haulin’

So recently I have gone a little crazy for all things home. This year me and my boyfriend are planning on flying the nest and going it alone. So i have started my collection early, picking up a few bits and bobs, here and there. so starting the haul off, its H&M. H&M are really hitting the spot with the home stuff right now, I want all of it! Unfortunately, I cannot afford all of it so i picked a just a few things. First off its these beautiful tea towels. I love bright patterns so I think these would look lovely hanging up in a kitchen!


The next few things have to be my fave from the whole haul. I picked up 2 bowls, 2 mugs and 2 plates in this beautiful black and gold pattern. I loved how different they were and love the shape of the mugs!


So, After seeing these pillows for a while on a number of other blogs, I fell in love with the print. I searched the web high and low but couldn’t find them anywhere. But, Fate must of been on my side that day when I clicked on the H&M Website. I think these would look lovely on a grey sofa one day! but for now they are perched on my bed nicely.


The last thing I picked up from H&M, is a tooth brush holder and soap dispenser. Although they don’t seem like very exciting decor, as soon as I saw these could just imagine how great they would look in a bathroom. I love how simplistic they are which is kinda the theme i’m going for.


Now, the next few things are from Homsence and TKMaxx. I have been after some mug shaped glasses for a while now, although I just couldn’t find the perfect ones. When I saw these sitting there on the shelf in TKMaxx, I knew they would coming home with me. I love how thick the glass is, and small imprint on the front!


Back at the start of January, I took a small trip to our local Homesence in Worcester. After running around the shop with My boyfriend, Danny, Plodding around behind me occasionally muttering ‘yes, that’s nice too Millie’ whilst staring into space, some bits caught my eye that obviously had to come home with me… The first of these, would be this copper photoframe.. All i have to say on this is, Its bloomin’ Copper, why not!


Of course a trip to the candle section was definitely a must. I wanted something to add to my shelf in my room and think this candle looks perfect, I love how different it is, but still simplistic!


Now the next 2 purchases are something that i picked up very recently when we took a trip to the range, I have been eyeing up this wall clock for a long time although never actually picked it up, but this time  when i went to the range, I knew I was going to be coming back out the shop with it wrapped in my arms. So, its copper and white, and, well, its beautiful. I think this would look lovely anywhere in the house.



Last but not least, My Fake Succulent! Now i must admit, i’m not very good a keeping plants alive, I managed to kill a cactus somehow, but since that day I lost my cactus, I vowed to never kill a plant/succulent again. Which is ideal really ’cause this ones fake, I’d be very impressed if I managed this kill this one too… any way. I just love the way it looks!


So that concludes my Home Haul, There will probably be a lot more on the way, because I think I have an addiction. And hopefully I will be able to do on post of all of these lovely things in my new house…Eventually!






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