January Favourites

The Clarasonic Mia 


After receiving this as a present for Christmas, i haven’t stopped using it. Nothing has improved me skin as much. At first i was a little apprehensive as i had read alot of reviews online, which discribed the ‘purging’ process, But i didn’t have any of that. Within a week, any blemishes and redness had been reduced!


Ambient Lighting Edit 

IMG_0466.JPGI won’t go into too much detail as i have a review here. I have been reaching for this most days through-out January. It has everything i need in one palette, Making it perfect for when your in a rush. And i’m always in a rush. You don’t have to worry about carrying a bronzer, blusher, and powder all separately, you can just shove this in your bag and your ready to go!


KIKO Purifying Fluid


Since purchasing this back at the start of January, i find myself reaching for it every single night. It is so so sooo light, but very cooling on the skin. I didn’t have high expectations for this, i’m not sure why, i just had alot of favourite moisturizes that i didn’t think i’d ever find a replacement. but this is definitely it.


Becca X Jaclyn Hill Highlighter in champagne Pop 


I had longed for this highlighter for what seemed like years, after hearing every beauty Guru and there dog shout about it, i would of done anything for it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when i clicked on the the Space NK website for a quick browse and there is was, staring straight at me. I haven’t looked back since. I use it EVERY single day. its just the most amazing highlighter ever made.



Avene Clearance Cleansing Gel

IMG_0465.JPGNow, i have tried many, MANY, different cleansers for oily, blemish prone skin. But i have never tried one just as good as this. I saw results after one use. Since then i use it every morning and night with my Clarisonic, Which i works really well with! Definitely recommend this if you have oily skin!



Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick – Tequlia Sunrise


This is not normally a colour i would go for. I normally go for a Pink/Brown Toned lipstick, Although i recently saw this in a tutorial and i had to have it. It is quite bright coral pink, although is such a beautiful colour on the lips. The formula is Matte which i think really suits this colour! I Love it!












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