KIKO Milani Purifying Mask-Review



When my face is feeling abit spotty and clogged up, I love to use the kiko purifying mask to get rid of those pesky blemishes. I have recently been trying alot of the purifying rage, but this mask really stood out to me.


It is clay based so it does dry once applied, although not in a horrible way so you can’t move your face and end up looking like you’ve had far to much botox. It doesn’t pull on your skin when you take it off which is one thing i look for in a clay based mask, because who wants to be tugging at there skin? The mask also has a  gitty texture which i wasn’t expecting although it’s an added benefit because it exfoliates the skin aswell as unclogging pores! it’s such a lovely feeling when on the skin, very cooling and relaxing. I leave it on for about 10-15 mins, and then take off with a damp Muslin Cloth.


The results of this mask really impressed me. It had instantly matified my skin, my redness was reduced around my nose and most of all, my skin felt squeaky clean!  I have tried a lot of clay based masks over the years of battling oily and blemish prone skin, although none have them have really impressed me as much as this one, and with the mask only coming in at £5.90, it really is a win win situation. My spots seem reduced and my skin is clearer. This is a definite holy grail in my skin care routine!

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