Is The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Really That Magic?



So, the question is, is the charlotte Tillbury magic foundation really magic? When i recieved the email telling me about the realise of the magic foundation, i couldnt click on the ‘buy me’ link quicker. I eagerly awaited, peering round the corner at the post man hoping to see the parcel. When it arrived i couldnt contain the excitement as i ripped open the fancy packaging to find inside a beautifully prestented glass bottle with a rose gold lid. (Cant go wrong with abit of rose gold in my books). However, when i first applied the foundation, i was left a little dissapointed. I applied with my bobbi brown full coverage foundation brush like i do most days, although the foundation just settled into my pores. It didnt cover any redness either. So at first, i hated it. It gathered dust for a while on my dressing table and i never used it. Occasionally it caught my eye and i’d think to myself, why did i spend £29.50 on something i never used!? One day, i decided to give it another chance, and instead of using a blending brush, i used my real techniques complextion sponge. The difference was incredible and the magic foundation soon became my most used foundation. I applied a thin layer of body shop instablur primer and started pressing the foundation onto my skin with the damp complextion sponge. Doing it this way, it made the foundation glide over my pores instead of settling into my pores. I found that after setting with powder, it lasted all day. So, the awnser? No, obviously its not magic, although when applied the right way, it can sure fool some people into thinking it is!


4 thoughts on “Is The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Really That Magic?

  1. Its funny how a sponge can really make such a difference. I experienced that myself with some foundations when I decided to buy the Beautyblender. Best purchase ever. I actually had the Real Techniques sponge too and I loved it. I just figured I’d try the “original” too. I’d like to try this foundation as well 🙂 x


    1. I know, i couldnt live without my real techniques sponge, i brought it because my beautybleander that i’d had for a year and a half just wasnt the same anymore and i didnt want to pay quite alot for another, but the real techniques is just as good! Thanks for the comment! X


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