My 3 Go-To Moisturizers For Oily Skin…

IMG_0324IMG_0323IMG_0325Having suffered from Oily skin since a young age, i know how important it is to find a moisturizer that actually keeps your face from looking like a giant, patchy, oily mess by the end of a long day at work/school. For some time now i have been switching up many different moisturizers that claim to keep the oil at bay and keep the spots away. Although not very many of them seemed to have worked, and in some situations actually made things worse. Out of the hundreds i have tried…3 stood out.

My go to moisturizer on a daily basis would be the Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturizer.  Its light, moisturizing, and doesn’t have a strong smell. It gives just the right amount of moisture, but doesn’t clog up the pores. And of course this is perfect if your on a budget. You can pick this up for £2.85, you cant go wrong!

When my skin is looking a bit lack luster and just generally ugh, I use the Origins Ginzing Energy-boosting Moisturizer. I originally brought this on abit of a wim as i wasn’t sure if it would work for my oily, spot prone skin. Although i am really glad i did buy this in the end. Its super light weight and works into the skin amazingly. Not the mention the fact the smell is Flippin’ gorgeous. I find after using this, my skin just looks more awake and fresh. It is abit more on the pricey side at £24, but definitely worth it.

Last but definitely NOT least, it’s my more recent purchase. The KIKO Purifying Fluid. THIS STUFF, Oh my. I have never really tried anything from KIKO until recently. Our local shopping center have opened a KIKO store, which i obviously had to have a sneak peak at…. Since using the purifying Fluid, it has definitely improved my skin vast amounts. I have less break outs, less redness and less oiliness. If you suffer from oiliness, Check it out.



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